Welcome to Sustainable Eating!

About Me!

I am a doctoral student in food security, urban gardening newbie, west African drumming  novice, and eating expert! I started this blog because while doing my doctorate, I am dedicating three years of my life to learning tons of really  interesting relevant things about the food system, and eventually (if I make it through these three years alive) I will publish tons of really boring scientific papers that no one actually reads or cares about! So I decided to start a blog that gives a quick look at some of the major issues in the food system and more importantly some ideas for what we can do to change some of the problems!

So welcome to this blog on Sustainable Eating!

What is Sustainable Eating?  This blog is about working towards living a life that is sustainable, that is healthy, and that is balanced.

What sustainable eating is not… This movement is not about losing weight or the latest diet – there are many great sites that help you lose weight and diet and this is not one of them!  We are about eating and enjoying food in a way that is both healthy and sustainable.  We will focus on three major areas…

1.       Improved health through a balanced lifestyle and nutrition

2.       Eating for the ecosystem

3.       Fair trade food

I hope that you will find the blog every week interesting and relevant to living a healthier more sustainable life!

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