• What is community supported agriculture?

    What is Community Supported Agriculture?

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers receive a set fee (from you – the consumer) prior to the start of the growing season. In return, you receive shares (produce) in the farm’s bounty and you also share the risks due to weather and other factors beyond the control of the farmer.


    Most CSAs grow organic food and provide a diversity of vegetables and herbs in season. Some farms also offer eggs and meat either as part of the share or to be purchased separately.  In general, CSA farmers are dedicated in using the land in a manner that will not deplete its nutrients or value for generations to come. Healthy soil produces healthy food.


    How do I join a CSA?

    1) Locate CSA farms in your area. Ensure that you find farmers that have pickup locations easily accessible to you. If you have to drive 100km to get your food every week, it will increase your gas consumption and would not be convenient for you!

    2) Once you’ve found CSA farms in your area, view their website if they have one. Most of the details will be listed there. If they don’t have a website, email them or call them.


    3) After you have all the details of local farms, you can decide which one you want to join. Simply contact them and tell them of your intentions. They will guide you from there.


    Find a CSA near you… http://csafarms.ca/farms%20counties%20A-K.htm

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