• Week 1… Preparing the Ground

    It is now April and the growing season has not officially started yet – it is still too cold here in Ottawa (Canada).  But since there is no more snow we can start preparing the ground.  ‘Preparing the ground’ sounds very romantic to me and conjures up images of beautiful fields and picnics.

    Well it’s not really romantic at all and lots of hard work… What it really means is lots of weeding, digging up lawns, and spreading tons of compost and manure…  aka cow poop (not quite as glamorous as picnics in rolling meadows).

    But this has all been fun and in the process I have also learnt many new skills…

    Skill 1: how to tell the difference between good weeds and bad weeds.

    Skill 2: What an army worm is (a little green camouflaged worm that eats root vegetables and can destroy a whole bed in one night)

    Skill 3: How to use a rototiller (a machine that turns the soil).

    Me rototilling a front yard …

    So far things are going well and perhaps next week we can being sowing seeds and planting seedlings!

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