• Who doesn’t love a good field trip!

    I especially love field trips when it is 5 degrees and pouring rain outside! The lesson I learnt this week… A great way to avoid freezing in the garden is to hang out in the greenhouse!

    Our first field trip was to Songberry Farm.  We picked up some seedlings from Rob (the owner and organic farmer) who has a greenhouse.

    Anne, Rob and I in the greenhouse…

    At the greenhouse we potted the seedlings; loaded them into the back of the car; picked up some manure from the cow shed; and then carefully drove them back to Aylmer.

    Seedlings in the back of the car…

    The next problem though was what to do with them!  They are still young and fragile (only about 5 cm high) and it was going to be -7 degrees overnight… So we put the poor little guys into the garage overnight to keep them warm and hoped they didn’t freeze!

    Not exactly what you would call a large scale operation – but it worked perfectly!


    The next field trip was to Jack’s farm.  He is a lot of fun and has been organically farming for over 45 years! (long before organic farms became a trend).  His farm is great – he doesn’t water anything and lets the weeds grow crazy.  A big no-no in any farmer or even gardeners books!  But his plants are beautiful!

    Jack and I potting up some tomato plants…


    All in all, a great few weeks trekking around different farms with fantastic people!

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