• Where to buy local food?

    As we come into spring, it is easier and easier to buy local foods directly from the local organic farmers.  Lots of people have asked me how to buy local… one of the best things about the summer is that buying local foods in the summer is a breeze!

    Some ways to buy local food are:

    1. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – a basket of fresh local organic fruits and veggies delivered to an easy pick up spot every week.  Please see my other post on what a CSA is and how to sign up for one.
    2. Locavore CSA – these expand on the traditional CSA and often include the option of buying meat and eggs in addition to the fruits and vegetables.  Juniper Farms in Wakefield, QC does a great locavore basket for those in the Ottawa area.
    3. Farmers Markets – the farmers markets will be back in full swing with most of the Ottawa markets opening in May.  Brewers Market, which is probably the largest in Ottawa opens May 5th and will be open every Sunday from 8am-3pm.  More information on local Ottawa markets can be found here.
    4. Directly from the farm – as summer approaches, a fun way to spend a Saturday is checking out the farm gate stalls around Ottawa.  Some that are worthwhile visiting are Juniper Farms (great to combine with a days outing to the super cute village of Wakefield) as well as Castor River Farm, which, in addition to meats, also sells grains and beautiful wooden furniture.
    5. Grocery stores that sell local produce are starting to pop up all over the place.  Herb and Spice and the Peoples Food Coop in Sandy Hill are excellent sources of local fresh foods (and include foods like milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.)

    So if you have been thinking about starting to eat local, this summer is the time to get started!

    Where do you buy local?  We would love to hear form you!

    Please respond in the discussion area below 🙂

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